Welcome to Perm Children's University!


Modern education is exposed recently to continuous reforms and changes. In the conditions of quickly growing amount of information which has to be assimilate the requirements to skills and abilities of students significantly change. It is obvious that knowledge becomes a key factor of success in the future. Our main objective is to prepare our children for life in nowadays society!

The project "Perm Children's University" is urged to become the answer to modern questions and requirements of social reality. The Perm Children's University is created on the basis of the Pushkin's School № 9 with profound studying of subjects of a physical and mathematical cycle with the support of the Perm State National Research University and Department of Education of a Perm City Administration.

The project is aimed on teaching children aged from 6 till 10 years.

The form of studying assumes carrying out free popular scientific lectures on various subjects and perceptible areas.

The teaching staff consists of the best lectures from different educational institutions for whom participation in this project is a question of prestige and a great proof of their teaching skills.

If you want your child to find the answers to difficult but interesting questions, to learn easily and to fit skillfully into a modern education system in the conditions of quickly changing requirements to studying and being trained, or, perhaps, already in the childhood to decide on the sphere of the future professional interests, please, do not hesitate and bring him|her to us!


We are looking forward to meeting you and your children at the Perm Children's University!


Yours faithfully and the best regards,

Natalya Kurdina,

The Chancellor of PCU

Our Mission: Not simply teach - inspire!

Main objectives of the project:

1. Formation and stimulation of children's interest in studying and their motivation for receiving and development of new knowledge.

2. Social promotion of scientific knowledge.

3. Development of independent research skills and professional self-determination.

Educational Prinсiples

1 . understandable

2 . interactive

3 . experiment-oriented

4.  encouraging

5.  available